Publications and Reports


N. Mojsilovic, S. Notz, B. Wäfler and J. Yu: "Load Tests on Masonry Elements with Chases", Proceedings, 11th Canadian Masonry Symposium, Toronto, Ontario, May 31 – June 3, 2009, pp. 379-388. > Download (PDF)


Guest Critic

Guest Critic, 26.01.2016, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Bachelor Architecture, Module Structural Design, Lecturers Peter Berger and Martin Schollmayer, Teaching Assistant Stephan Glaus

  1. Module Work: E-Charging Station for Electric Cars (TESLA)


D-A-CH Meeting 2015

Earthquakes and Existing Buildings, 20./21.08.2015, ETH Zurich

  1. Article: Analysis Methods for the "Out-of-plane" Failure of Masonry Structures due to Earthquakes: Comparisons and Instructions for use in the Assessment of Existing Buildings in Practice
  2. Detailed Program > view

Building Department Canton of Zurich

Office of Waste, Water, Energy and Air (WWEA)

  1. Lecture Series "Safe Drinking Water Supply and Sewage Disposal" in Autumn 2014, Seismic Assessment of Facilities of Water Supply and Sewage Disposal > ask for the report

Competence Center Environment Sustainability (CCES)

  1. Earthquake site effects in the Rhone valley for the location VISP > view