Tohoku Earthquake | 2011 | Japan, Earthquake Engineering
Tohoku Earthquake | 2011 | Japan


Basically, the pipe supports are arranged in the power plant construction so that the pipes can move almost independently away from the structure of the building. The arrangement of the fixed points of the piping system is chosen so that large deformations are possible. Thus under dynamic loads, the vibrations and the displacements of the piping system can be kept under control when shock absorbers (snubbers) or ductile pipe connectors are installed.



The following services are offered in the piping division:


Seismic assessment of piping systems in the following fields:

  1. Nuclear power supply; main steam and feedwater piping
  2. Gas supply; pressure reducing and metering stations
  3. Water supply; pipe basements/shafts > see reports

Proof of the design of the entire piping system with a comparable calculation:

  1. Stress pipe analysis with ROHR2
  2. Internal pressure analysis
  3. Proof of pipe supports
  4. Proof of the force transmission into the structure of the building

Assessment according to following codes:

  1. USA; ASME B31.1 (2007), B31.3 (2008) USA; ASME Section III, Division 1 - Subsection NC (2008)
  2. Europe; EN 13480-3 (2012)
  3. Germany; KTA 2201.4 (2012)