Ercis-Van Earthquake | 2011 | Turkey, Earthquake Engineering
Ercis-Van Earthquake | 2011 | Turkey

Expertise Engineering

In regions with low to medium seismicity (e.g. Switzerland) buildings and critical facilities are often not adequately designed for the event of an earthquake. Today's expected seismic hazards were updated and specified in the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects codes (SIA) in 2003. Buildings older than 2003 thus have an unknown or insufficient earthquake resistance.



Engineering expertise is divided into the following divisions: geotechnical earthquake engineering, reinforced concrete structures, masonry structures, nonstructural components and piping. We offer both consultancy services such as expert witness, second opinions, proof engineering and comparative computation and planning services such as assessment, design and project planning. The following parent services are offered in engineering:


Determining the seismic risk to BWG respectively, FOEN level 1 of

  1. Property portfolios
  2. Smaller building estates

Specifying service criteria agreement for seismic actions for

  1. Building structures
  2. Nonstructural components (non-loadbearing components)